Memorial Engraving,Cleaning & Restoration

Memorial Engraving

Do you need to add a name or date to an existing cemetery memorial? Through the Cemetery Office cemetery lettering at not just the Lakefield Cemetery but in cemeteries all across Eastern Ontario can be arranged.

Most additional engraving can be done on site at the cemetery without the need to move or take away the memorial. The Cemetery Lettering Technicians use their superior skills and techniques to ensure the best match to existing lettering present on the memorial. Additional engraving that is completed on site is weather and temperature dependent and is generally only completed from the months of May to October.

Memorial Cleaning

Over time, regardless of whether your cemetery memorial is granite, bronze, marble, upright or flat exposure to the elements will cause deterioration to their appearance. There are many causes of deterioration but the majority are caused by exposure to sunlight and moisture, sap and falling tree leaves, temperature fluctuations, bird droppings, and biological growths like lichen or moss.

To clean memorials we use a pressure washer with only water as chemical soaps may discolour the memorial. Power washing a memorial will be enough to remove unsightly biological growths and increase legibility. However some staining may not be removed during this process if it has deeply penetrated the stone. Memorial cleaning can be arranged through the Cemetery Office for the Lakefield Cemetery and other cemeteries all across Eastern Ontario. For considerable savings memorial engraving and power washing can be combined.

Memorial Restoration

Over time flat memorials can sink and become covered over and upright memorials can become unstable and tippy. Here at the Lakefield Cemetery we perform routine maintenance to unearth covered memorials and stabilize memorials within the cemetery using interest generated from our Care and Maintenance trust account.  If you have concerns about your memorial please contact the Cemetery Office so that we can address the concern accordingly. We can also arrange for memorial restoration work that includes repairing foundations, securing loose tablets and restoring and cleaning pioneer style marble tablets at cemeteries all across Eastern Ontario.

Interested in Memorial Engraving, Cleaning or Restoration?