Memorialization is a way of honoring the memory of a life lived. A memorial like a monument or plaque is a lasting tribute that provides a place for family and friends to gather and remember their loved one(s).

We at the Lakefield Cemetery strive to meet all of your memorialization needs by offering a variety of memorialization options, including upright memorials, flat memorials, memorial trees and benches. Together we can help you realize memories and stories of loved ones into enduring custom memorials crafted of the best quality granite or bronze to ensure their longevity for years to come.

Browse through some of the permanent memorialization choices we offer:

Memorial Trees

Leave A Living Legacy for Future Generations.

Memorial Benches

Donate a place to rest in memory of a loved one.

Monuments and Markers

Granite monuments and markers available in a variety of colours and shapes, each with individually carved designs.

Memorial Cleaning and Engraving

Browse our memorial cleaning and engraving services.

Prohibited Articles

The Lakefield Cemetery reserves the right to regulate the aticles placed on a lot or graves that pose a threat to the safety of visitors and cemetery staff.

Prohibited articles will be removed and disposed of without notification.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Articles made of glass or ceramic
  • Nails, wires, wooden crosses
  • Lawn ornaments
  • Loose stones or sharp objects