Our Crematorium

Easily accessible with plenty of parking, the entranceway is lined with interlock brick and is wheelchair accessible for those wishing to view the cremation.

Arrangements can be made for a private tour to view our facility through the office.

Private Viewing Room

The building has a small viewing room for up to 12 family members wishing to witness the cremation. This room, as well as the adjoining restroom, is completely wheelchair accessible.

The viewing window has blinds that are controlled by the crematorium operator. When viewing is requested, they are opened for the family.

Blinds Closed

Blinds Open

The Cremation System

The Lakefield Crematorium features a state of the art Crawford C1000H computer controlled Cremation System. This system was chosen because of its high level of engineering with zero emissions, far below the minimum acceptable emissions set by the EPA standards for crematoria.

The stack includes a Continuous Emission Monitoring System that records the carbon monoxide and oxygen levels. This allows the operator better control of the cremation process and indicates when preventative measures are necessary, if there is excessive carbon monoxide, long before there is a problem with smoke.

The Cremation System is computer monitored and records the operating temperatures and emissions for each cremation.

The Pond Garden Feature was integrated into the landscaping design to give a picturesque foreground, incorporating a limited number of in-ground Cremation Lots. It creates a special place for sitting and contemplation.

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