Cremation Urn Guide

When cremation is chosen to take place at our crematorium the cremated remains are placed into a durable plastic container when no urn is provided. This container is suitable for earth burial in our cemetery or placement into one of our columbarium niches. Although plastic will not leach toxic materials into the environment, it will not degrade over time and so is not considered environmentally friendly.


The choice of one urn from the vast array of cremation urns available can be overwhelming. To minimize your search time and help you make the right selection you should consider how the urn will be used.


There are many ways to honour the memory of a loved one and knowing how you plan to use the urn will help you determie your choice.


    • Display Urn: If you would like to display the urn at home or elsewhere, permanent urns are a good option. They are available in a variety of materials and finishes; from simple boxes to elaborate works of art. Displaying an urn at home may be fine for a time, but eventually there will be a need to place the urn in a permanent location.
    • Placement in a columbarium niche:  Placing he Cremation Urn in a columbarium niche allows for a wide selection of urn types and styles. The most important factors are the size of the niche and the lasting quality of the urn materials. First find out the size of the niche to make sure the urn you choose will fit.
    • Scattering Cremated Remains:  Cremated remains may be scattered in our designated scattering garden. The fee for scattering includes the use of an urn so it is not required to purchase an urn for this purpose.
    • Earth Burial:  Cremation plots for one or two urns are available with a variety of memorialization options. A biodegradable cremation urn, or an urn of most any material can be used. The size and depth of the lot will determine if an urn burial vault can be used.
  • Keepsake Urns:  Keepsake urns serve the purpose of storing a small portion of cremated remains as a permanent momento.

Once you determine what you decide to do with the cremated remains, the selection process narrows.

The Cemetery Office has a small selection of cremation urns available for purchase. Please call ahead to confirm availability.