Transferring Ownership

About Transferring Ownership

Should the Interment Rights Holder wish to transfer unused graves or assign others to use the same space for cremated remains, the original Certificate of Interment Rights must be returned and a new one will be issued. This is done at the Lakefield Cemetery Office and a small fee will be charged.

Difficulties most often arise when the Interment Rights are registered in the name of someone who has been dead for a considerable period of time and has left descendants in a number of generations. This often occurs  in “family plots” where an ancestor purchased a block of graves for the use of the family.

Transferring the unused Interment Rights to a family member before they are needed will help ease part of the burden for the family when a death occurs.

Transfer of Intermet Rights

Transfer Endorsement by Owner

This form is to be used by the current living Interment Rights Holder, registered at the Lakefield Cemetery office, to transfer unused graves to another person.

Permission to Transfer Interment Rights by Children

This form is to be used to authorize the transfer of unused interment rights in a grave where the Interment Rights Holder is deceased and the lot has not been designated to another in the will.

All the immediate children are required to give permission for the transfer to take place.

Let us know if you have any questions about transferring ownership.