Five Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral & Cemetery Services

by | Sep 14, 2017

 In life most of us spend time planning and preparing for life’s unexpected misfortunes. Yet few of us choose to plan for life’s one true inevitable, and no it’s not taxes…  its death. There are numerous reasons why we never get around to planning for death but the main reason is it is just not very pleasant confronting the notion of our own mortality. Trust me I don’t particularly revel in the idea that I too one day will pass away but I do believe like with other aspects of our lives, death requires careful planning. So what if you are not a planner? You’ve lived life one day at a time facing things head on as they come, why should you treat death any other way? We’ve taken the time to compile a list of five reasons why you, including the non-planners should consider preplanning your funeral and cemetery services.

  1. Dollars & Cents: In these financially uncertain times many of us would not be prepared if a loved one was to pass away. At the time of someone’s death there are numerous disbursements that need to be paid that are often combined or above any funeral or cemetery property costs. We as the survivors also have to carry on and be able to afford the everyday cost of living. Preplanning gives you the ability to budget ahead of time for funeral costs and cemetery property which eases the financial burden of a onetime payment if a death was to occur. Many funeral homes and cemeteries, like ours, even offer affordable, interest free payment plans that can be easily tailored to your household income.
  2. Shop Around: Most of us when making an expensive or large purchase will shop around, compare pricing and get a general feel for a business. When we make our decision it isn’t always about who offers the lowest price but how comfortable they make us feel, the level of customer service we receive and how trustworthy their business practices are. For example if we do this much shopping around to purchase a refrigerator, why shouldn’t we do the same when we purchase funeral and cemetery services. When you take the time to preplan for funeral and cemetery services you can ensure you are making the most informed and best decision that will suit yours and your family’s needs.
  3. Take Your Time: At the time of someone’s death there are so many decisions to be made and so much to do that it can all pass by in a grief filled blur. Funeral and cemetery services are often planned and carried out within a week of the date of death. This short time frame can lead us to making limited, hasty decisions. When you preplan you are afforded the time needed to make well thought out decisions about how you want your wishes to be carried out.
  4. Ease Burden on Family: If you have never taken the time to express your final wishes to your loved ones it can be a struggle for them to how best to arrange funeral and cemetery services at the time of need. Cremation or burial? Flat or upright memorial? Our judgement and decision making can be impaired by grief. By preplanning you ease the number of decisions your loved ones must make at the time of your death and you take away the bulk of any financial burden in regards to funeral and cemetery services.
  5. Peace of Mind: By preplanning you can also find peace of mind in knowing your arrangements are guaranteed and that your personal wishes will be carried out at the time of your death. Preplanning can also bring you and your family comfort in the fact that although these plans may not be needed for years to come, they will be there in your time of need and that the details will be taken care of.

The idea of preplanning can seem daunting that is why we are here at the cemetery office to help answer your questions and guide you through these difficult decisions. If you would like more information in regards to preplanning please contact our office by phone, email or come visit us in person.